Aimie Atkinson Has This Halloween On Lock With Debut Single “Monster”

It’s Halloween season, and it’s time to show off your unsavory side because it comes with the territory. Don’t worry, Aimie Atkinson has you covered with her latest single.

The song we’ll call the ultimate Halloween anthem is called “Monster,” and as the title suggests, it’s time to face your inner demons because why not? Do it for the sake of the culture.

According to the UK-based singer, “I wanted to write a song people could dance to at Halloween events. I love Halloween and wanted to combine dark lyrics with an uptempo beat. The song is about unleashing your inner beast! Having always been told to keep all your demons inside your own head. ’Monster’ is about letting it all come out! Not being afraid to show the darker side of yourself”

The song provides a chance for you to explore and confront your own demons, personal issues, or areas of your personality that you may normally keep hidden or suppressed.

Many artists, including Aime, use their artistic endeavors to express their feelings, experiences, and inner turmoil. Not only that, but it also includes a music video.

She hopes that by doing so, the song will be able to communicate with her audience on a more personal level and motivate them to acknowledge their own flaws and shortcomings. This usually results in a sense of cleansing and personal growth.

The song features a fantastic and passionate voice that contributes significantly to her musical performance, making it a better fit for the audience. She is a great asset, and this contributed to the song’s overall appeal.

Listen to the song below and follow her on Instagram.


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