Advika’s Cosmic Journey Exploring The Depths Of The Universe With ‘Come Back To Earth’

Boston-Based Electronic Pop Artist Advika Weaves a Sonic Tapestry Laden with Emotion and Intricacy.

From the vibrant and culturally diverse city of Boston emerges Advika, an electronic pop artist whose latest single “Come Back To Earth” is a breathtaking blend of emotional sincerity and compelling musicality.

As an artist, songwriter, producer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist, Advika’s unique fusion of electronic and acoustic sounds defies genre constraints and invites listeners into her expansive sonic universe.

Drawing from an array of influences including jazz, electronic pop, and the nuanced rhythms of Carnatic music, Advika’s sound is as diverse as it is captivating. Her musical journey began with classical piano at the tender age of four, later incorporating Western classical viola and Carnatic vocals into her repertoire.

The soulful voices of jazz legends like Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, and Betty Carter inspired her, sparking a fervour for jazz singing that reverberates through her music.

Advika began crafting her melodies at the age of thirteen, displaying an impressive flair for songwriting that deftly incorporates elements from her favourite genres. Her experimentation with music production and sound design further amplifies the complexity of her compositions, adding a layer of audial depth that is both intriguing and delightfully unexpected.

Her latest offering, “Come Back To Earth,” is a masterful exhibition of her musical prowess. The track is laden with intricately woven electronic synth elements, cushioned by a backdrop of hip-hop and funk-influenced percussion.

Advika skillfully uses a range of vocal techniques, from the rich layering of harmonies to ethereal, airy tones, painting a sonic picture of the vast expanse and elusive emptiness of space.

But it’s not just the instrumental intricacy that sets “Come Back To Earth” apart—it’s the emotion that permeates every beat, every lyric, every melody. The song brims with a dreamy ambience, beckoning listeners to delve into their subconscious and unearth layers of meaning. Advika invites us to reflect and introspect, encapsulating the human experience in a gossamer web of sound.

Advika's Cosmic Journey Exploring The Depths Of The Universe With 'Come Back To Earth'
Advika’s Cosmic Journey Exploring The Depths Of The Universe With ‘Come Back To Earth’

In the landscape of electronic pop, Advika stands out as a trailblazer, harmonizing human emotion with electronic intricacy. With “Come Back To Earth,” she takes us on a transcendent journey through her musical universe, offering a refuge of self-exploration and profound understanding.

As she continues to carve her path, one thing is for certain: Advika is not just an artist to listen to, she’s an artist to experience. Dive in and let her music guide you on a celestial adventure that transcends earthly boundaries.

What drew you to music production in the first place?
I started writing my own music in middle school. I wrote and recorded songs using GarageBand on my iPhone, and my bedroom closet was my studio. It was after I came to Berklee that I got exposed to professional music production, and started acquiring more advanced technology and techniques for production.

I am now focusing on this at school, majoring in Electronic Production and Design. Being able to produce my own music has been liberating, as it allows me to have complete artistic freedom over the music I create. I have complex ideas that are sometimes hard to describe, but I feel that it is easier to express them by producing them myself.

What or whom do you go to for inspiration or motivation?
Being at Berklee has been incredibly inspiring, whether it is from exchanging ideas with professors in class, analysing works done by the greats, listening to the latest projects from my fellow musicians, or expressing my own creativity in class assignments.

Every musician here is so vastly different from another. I am constantly being exposed to new sounds and ideas from different parts of the world.

What are some of the obstacles you encounter in your career?
One of the biggest obstacles I encounter is staying inspired to create and not getting caught up in meeting my own expectations or the perceived expectations set by others. It’s a work in progress, but I try to remind myself that I have a lot to say and to be able to say it. I need to allow myself to be free from any of those perceived expectations.

What distinguishes you as a creative individual?
My approach to art is as an expression of ideas and thoughts which are often abstract and not bound to a specific form. The expression may be lyrical, musical, or visual. Sometimes, the idea converges in some combination of all of these media.

With “Come Back To Earth”, the very first time I wanted to put my feelings on paper, I reached for a canvas and paintbrush. As I visualized the image, the words started forming, and before I knew it, I had lyrics that I wanted to set to music.

I actually had the cover art before I had the song! I am still growing and evolving as an artist, but I feel that my most creative state is when I do not have a predefined medium of expression, allowing an unrestricted flow of ideas.

What’s the significance of the current song “Come Back To Earth”?
The song is about what we as human beings are often prone to do—continuing on in an unfulfilling situation unwilling to see the reality. It is about learning to let go, no matter how much you want to cling to it.

The lyrics are inspired by a time in my own life, during which I was holding onto a relationship with someone who had grown distant, and the realization that it was time to move on.

What are you working on at the moment?
I am currently working on a few songs and plan to release some more singles this year!

What are your plans for the year ahead?
In addition to these singles, I am working on an EP (or possibly an album) that I plan to release next year.

I will be continuing my studies at Berklee, both working on music production and playing the viola in recording sessions. I am also actively involved with Berklee’s Motion Picture Orchestra as a violist.

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