Adelina: The Rising Australian Pop Star Making Waves With Her Hit ‘Water’

When you think of Perth, you probably don’t immediately picture songs that are reflective of sensual Dark Pop and New Wave, but Adelina is coming to change the way people view it.

This Australian singer-songwriter is making an impact on the music industry across the world with the distinctive sound of  pop thanks to her latest hit “Water.”

Adelina’s heart has always been in touch with her two passions, singing and playing, which she is regaining with her origins.

She developed an identity for herself by creating songs about the early lovers in her life, and each enticing live performance helped her do so.

“Water” refers to waves compared to individual drops. It is a result of musical talent and has a sultry, tempting appeal that makes it difficult to say no to.

That kind of touch that finds its way into your playlist and won’t leave, expressing the qualities that enable a song to truly touch home right now.

The studio in Los Angeles and the efforts of Icelandic producer Audur Luthersson, who collaborated with Adelina on the production deck, contributed to the magical richness of this music.

Adelina: The Rising Australian Pop Star Making Waves With Her Hit 'Water'
Adelina: The Rising Australian Pop Star Making Waves With Her Hit ‘Water’

Because of this, a sound that is unquestionably enticing, brimming with confidence and featuring a “drip” that is centred on elegant and passion.

When Adelina releases “Water,” she does more than create waves in the realm of underground music; she sends aftershocks across the whole scene. Hold on to your hats, for Adelina’s music is only just beginning to make its way across the globe.

I wanted to create an “underground” type of pop sound. Something that is still In the realm of popular music, but a little cooler and edgier than the average pop song. I came up with the chorus and sent it to my producer, we then built this super cool sound around a very simple but catchy

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