80’s Punk Makes A Comeback With DOAMIATP Release “Cold Hard Dirt”

Folk music and indie folk have become more mainstream in recent years, to my surprise. The uplifting and soothing vibrations of this clean and global form of music are something we should all have more of in our lives. Two years ago, Lee Leffler (guitars, keyboards, vocals and lyrics), along with Michael Frackleton (drumming and bass), formed the Boston-based band, Dream of a Man in a Top Hat (DOAMIATP).

They’ve been churning out delicious and transcendent music since 2020. With Dream of a Man in a Top Hat, the band has continued Stone’s global popularity by embracing post-punk and alternative music. Dream of a Man in a Top Hat returned in 2022 with a run of singles, including “All Time Is Borrowed Time” and “Unfamiliar Streets,” that are pure vibes after their 2020 EP, Blunt Instrumentals. Their solo effort, “Cold Hard Dirt,” has a more contemporary vibe. Listen to their new release below and tell us what you think.

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