‘You And Me’ By Christine Tarquinio Is A Song Of Solidarity Amid Uncertainty

Some musicians don’t simply make music for the sake of expressing themselves; they also do it to comfort listeners and bring them together. Among the rare breed of artists who can also empathise with their audience is the outstanding Christine Tarquinio.

Christine’s inventiveness is not limited to her projects; she makes it her duty to educate people about how she creates art. This kind of act will undoubtedly win her even more fans among music aficionados.

Christine has channelled her inventiveness in the face of the difficulties brought on by the COVID-19 lockdowns into a stirring declaration of fortitude. Her song “You And Me” is more than just a musical success; it’s a powerful statement on the resilience of the human spirit. Christine’s creative maturity and empathy are on full display in this tantalising preview of her upcoming “Silhouette” EP.

This song, “You And Me,” is more than simply music; it’s a call to action. Christine’s lyrics inspire her audience to take action for a better tomorrow by emphasising the strength of a united front. Given the universality of the pandemic experience, the message carries tremendous weight.

The tune starts with vintage echoing electric guitars and was produced by Joshua Hennessy of Pivotal Music Melbourne. Christine’s heartfelt tale is given a powerful boost by the pulsating rhythms that accompany it.

'You And Me By Christine Tarquinio Is A Song Of Solidarity Amid Uncertainty
‘You And Me By Christine Tarquinio Is A Song Of Solidarity Amid Uncertainty

Christine has taken this even further by making a music video for her song “You And Me,” which she and her husband filmed with the aid of their two gorgeous children. This work together as a family exemplifies the spirit of the song, which is one of solidarity, fortitude, and shared hope.

Who are your biggest musical influences?
I have so many musical influences and I enjoy exploring different music genres as we can learn so much when it comes to writing songs.

Artists who have had a profound impact on me moving into adulthood were The Cranberries and The Smashing Pumpkins. They appealed to me as they didn’t fit any musical mould and had such an impact on my life at the time.

In recent times I am inspired by singer/songwriters such as Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran. Their unique style of storytelling and making music has had a long-lasting effect on my approach to writing songs.

What inspired you to write “You And Me”?
This was a song I wrote while in the midst of one of Melbourne’s many lockdowns during covid. For anyone who lived through these uncertain times, it isn’t hard to recall those feelings of frustration and fear of what our future looked like.

I had to find something to look forward to. This song “You and Me” was my anthem to celebrate the fact that this won’t last forever. We will get through this dark period of our history. The song almost wrote itself, it was very cathartic for me. It is an uplifting song that speaks to the everyday person saying, hang in there and everything will work out in the end.

We will get back to our normal lives. Now we are here in 2023 and I can see the reality that yes, we have returned to the lifestyle we all remember and let’s celebrate that. This song is my celebration and a mark of gratitude for making it through that unprecedented time.

What message do you hope to convey through your music?
I consider myself to be a positive person with a glass-half-full attitude to all things in life. I hope that comes through in my music. I know we all face challenges and unexpected things we have to deal with and music for me is a welcome distraction or escape for a moment or two. I’d like to hope that my music is a glimmer of hope that proves even in hard times there is always a silver lining, if you go searching for it.

What was the most challenging aspect of recording “You And Me”?
I think that the actual process of recording the track itself was so enjoyable and left me with an overwhelming feeling of joy. The only challenge for me is the fact I have had to wait over 12 months to release this song out into the world due to various events in my life that shifted my focus at times.

This song could have easily been released as soon as it was finished but the larger piece of work being my second EP hit a few roadblocks in the process of completing it. I am super proud of this song and all good things come to those who wait, so here we are now, this song is ready to make its presence known.

What has been your favourite moment or experience as a musician so far?
My favourite moment is always when I get to go into the studio at the beginning of a project and create new music. It is always the highlight for me. It is exciting when I finally get to share it for the first time. It is such a thrill and the feeling never gets old.

How do you balance your personal life with your music career?
Well, being a mother to two children certainly keeps life busy. It is a juggling act. I just permit myself to take on what I know I can handle. I don’t want to feel overwhelmed so striking the right balance is the key.

There are times when I may not do any music whatsoever as there may be something going on with my family that needs my focus and that’s completely ok. It works both ways. I am so lucky I have a very supportive husband who helps me strike the balance to make it all work out.

When I am immersed in one of my projects I take all the time I need for that period as that is my sole focus. I don’t force any deadlines on myself with my music. I think that is crucial, as I don’t need to put unnecessary pressure on myself.

How do you handle negative criticism or feedback on your music?
I have been fortunate up until now to have experienced so much positive feedback with my music and I am truly lucky that has been the case. I have no illusions about the fact that music is subjective and everyone has their taste so not everyone is going to like my music, and that is ok.

I think if feedback is constructive and delivered with good intentions then I would take that on board. If someone is launching negativity at me and my music just because they can then I would just disengage and move on.

I am lucky enough to have people in the music industry that I trust wholeheartedly and I seek out feedback from them as I create my music. It gives me a sense of validation that I am on the right track but I do consider any suggested improvements as well as that will only make the result far better in the long run.

What advice would you give to aspiring musicians trying to make it in the industry?
I think for me you need to be very clear on what your goals are and to keep them realistic. Also, it depends on the age and stage of each aspiring musician. Everyone is allowed to have dreams of making it big, however, it is a super competitive industry and there are so many talented artists out there who may not quite reach their end game even though they are amazingly talented and work hard every day.

What I would recommend is to find like-minded people to have around you to give you advice and collaborate on projects together. My team is amazing and I couldn’t do what I do all on my own. I am forever grateful for all of the advice and the amazing fun we have working on my music together.

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