“Why I” Is Simón’s New Mesmerizing Single

This song’s composition makes it an easy bet that it will be remembered as one of the year’s finest musical offerings.

The 17-year-old performer’s latest single, “Why I,” is an exciting showcase of talent and charisma.

He’s so talented and smart musically that he can take existing tunes and give them a whole new spin. It’s obvious in this song that he’s singing to a female, but who she is is still a mystery.

Simón connects with the audience on a deep emotional level, and his assurance and enthusiasm are contagious. The youthful performer exudes charm and confidence, drawing the audience into the song.

His performances are profoundly affecting and accessible because of his amazing voice and outstanding capacity to convey emotions through song.

The American singer’s flexibility is yet another remarkable facet of his talent, as he excels across multiple musical styles and challenges expectations with ease.

The quality of his music is a direct reflection of his one-of-a-kind approach to each and every performance. He is that great with what he does.

You have the chance to listen to the song below and do well to also follow him on Instagram.

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