Voice Of Addiction Gave Us An Ultimate Punk Rock Single ‘Shinigami’

Punk-rockers from Chicago who are politically engaged and socially concerned, Voice Of Addiction are known for their music.

Since its inception in 2004, Voice Of Addiction has performed over 1,500 events all throughout the continent of North America. These young men have established themselves as a formidable adversary by virtue of the fact that they have 8 official releases and have sold over 10,000 physical copies on their own (in addition to participating in many compilations and making sales of digital downloads).

There have been appearances of Voice Of Addiction in the video games Skateboard Party 1, 2, and 3, as well as Snowboard Party 1 and 2. The full-length documentary on Voice Of Addiction, dubbed “Punk Band” is now available on all of the main streaming and download platforms.

The new album in its entirety, titled “Divided States” is now accessible online. Hits from the album have also been made public, and the band is now producing music videos for each of the singles.

Voice Of Addiction adopts the mentality that the punk rock movement instilled in them, but combines it with genre-mashing breakdowns to give their music a unique sound. It has been said that their music brings a “distinct refreshing twist to the world of punk rock

Voice Of Addiction Gave Us An Ultimate Punk Rock Single 'Shinigami'
Voice Of Addiction – Shinigami

The members of Voice Of Addiction infuse the instruments they play and the songs they compose with their unique personalities and the experiences they have had. The music of Voice of Addiction has a massive presence that gradually increases tension before releasing it at just the right moments.

In 2004, Voice Of Addiction came out with a full-length album simply named “Voice Of Addiction”. Skratch Magazine published a compilation at the end of November 2005 that included a number of different artists, including Anti-Flag, Allister, and Under Oath. Voice Of Addiction was featured in that collection.

At the tail end of December 2005, they recorded an EP that was simply labeled EP 2005. The album “A New Religion” was released in June of 2006. The monumental album “re-Evolution” was released in the year 2008. During the year 2009, V.O.A. was included in collections titled “Rock out Chicago” “Radio One Chicago” and “Ska 4 Life”.

2011 saw the publication of the full-length album “Reduce Reuse Resist” as well as the compilation album “Bringing It Back.” The album “Modern Day Meltdown” was published that year (2013). In 2017, the extended version of “The Lost Art of Empathy” was made available to the public.

Shinigami is a very subdued tune off of the album “Divided States,” which is a melodic reprise contrasted to their obliterating battery bombs. The frenetic tempo of the music makes it even more difficult to have any patience for the clowns who, for some reason, have their hands deep in our wallets.

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