Thndo Returns With Latest Gospel And R&B Offering ‘Fall’

Formerly known as Thando, the singer, songwriter, and composer Thndo presently resides in Australia, and is originally from Zimbabwe.

With a message that is just as daring as her stage appearance, it is almost clear that Life in Colour will continue thndo’s pattern of selling out places to capacity. Her ability for song structuring is something that every dedicated music lover can identify with and appreciate.

The author’s own experiences of being black and growing up in Australia are discussed in Life in Colour. The story of her blockbuster hit song “Numb” is continued with the addition of elements of R&B, Hip Hop, and Afrobeat.

These components are interlaced with her struggles with relocation, prejudice, and greater knowledge of black pride.

“Fall” is the name of Thndo’s stunning new track, which she has just sent our way. The song marks the beginning of a new chapter in the artist’s musical career, including immersive compositions, emotionally charged performances, and strong vocals.

This heartbreakingly moving song is the singer’s diary entry about the moment she acknowledged that there are certain situations that are simply never going to work.

The story told in ‘Fall’ is about the common concerns and the acceptance that come with being in a committed relationship for a long time and letting go.

It’s a song with timeless melodies and it’s loaded with choir-inspired soulful harmonies, and the lyrics tell both the value and the difficulties of surviving on your own and being independent.

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