The Pulse Of London’s House Scene Balthazard Returns With A New Single

Balthazard is a rising star in London’s bustling music industry, where he uses rhythms like a paintbrush to create vibrant soundscapes.

In the complex beats of House, Disco, Tech House, and Dance, Balthazard has found his home as a virtuosic artist, a skilled producer, and an electric DJ.

Balthazard’s creative development from his beginnings as a drummer to his present day as a producer and world-travelling band member is akin to a symphony.

His drumming skills have ignited venues from New York to Beijing to Dubai, and his record spinning has wowed crowds in Switzerland and London nightclubs.

His career has flourished in the city of lights and stylish haute couture, Paris, where he has played for renowned designers like Michael Kors and Versace.

The ideas of Balthazard are simple yet deep. From his perspective, music is a universal language that spreads messages of peace, brotherhood, and love. This philosophy shines through in his music, which is a reflection of his upbeat outlook on life and his ability to draw inspiration from the dynamic world around him.

With his first major release, “Once I’ve Been There,” Balthazard ushers in an uplifting era of reimagined disco house. This song is more than simply a good time—it’s an indisputable demonstration of Balthazard’s brilliance and an invigorating sensory stimulant.

“Once I’ve Been There” serves as an introductory piece. It’s energetic, inspirational, and contagious; it manages to convey a feeling in a way that’s perfectly suited for the dance floor.

Balthazard incorporates elements from his extensive variety of inspirations to create an audio experience that is equally at home in a glitzy party setting or a quiet, reflective evening at home.

Uplifting vocals by Chillifunk Records convey a heartfelt image of desire and connection between faraway lovers as the song breaks down into a thrilling crescendo. This blend of feelings, at once complementary and discordant, is the bedrock of Balthazard’s musical cosmos. Feelings of nostalgia, happiness, and eager expectation all jig to the beat of his music.

The Pulse Of London's House Scene Balthazard Returns With A New Single
The Pulse Of London’s House Scene Balthazard Returns With A New Single

How long have you been making music and what attracted you to it?
I have been making music since I was a kid, first as a drummer, playing for a lot of jazz, soul and rock bands. Then later my dad gifted me a Korg Volca Sample when I was about 16 years old and that is when I started producing.

Since then, I have been producing and recording a wide range of artists, having my first placements in Switzerland in 2020 and then moved to London where I produce, write and record for a lot of Hip Hop artists from the underground rap scene of East and South London, but also Soul, RnB and Pop artists from the city. DJ was a natural progression for me given the disco, house and dance influences of my solo project.

What would you say is your greatest strength as an artist?
Maybe my greatest strength is my background as a live musician, which will always dictate the way I approach a situation, whether it has got to do with production, recording or DJing.

The people that I am lucky to be surrounded by are also an amazing strength. shout out to my homie Jon leKole, with whom I have had the chance to share that passion for a decade, and we just founded our record Label together:

The main ingredient is soulfulness; I can be making a dance song for the club, producing a banging UK Drill beat or working with a very soft and emotional indie artist, If it ain’t got that soul in it, it doesn’t mean much to me.

In everything I do I try to keep purpose and meaning at the center of the equation. Then the drums definitely are a focal point too; sound choice, groove and textures are very important, especially in genres like House music or Hip Hop.

Who are your biggest musical influences?
Growing up, the biggest musical influences I could think of are probably Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Dr DRE, Santana and Led Zeppelin. But my incoming releases, while still dragging from all these influences, are also inspired by artists like Kaytranada, Anderson Paak, Daft Punk

Do you have any upcoming projects or releases that you’re excited about?
Here is the pitch for my first release, “Once I’ve Been There, that has just come out :

What does your current song/album mean to you?
Inspired by the nostalgia of past temporary moments of bliss, “Once I’ve Been There” takes the listener on a beautiful trip down memory lane. The mesmerizing arrangements of the song, heavily influenced by early Disco House remixes from the 90s and 00s, blend in with a driving bass line and punchy drum sounds resulting in a track that feels refreshing while still paying homage to the heritage of the original composition.

As the track unfolds and prepares the listener for that electrifying breakdown section, silky smooth vocals (courtesy of Chillifunk Records) express the confidence and bond that unite two lovers separated from each other.

The contrast between emotions of sadness, happiness, and anticipation felt while dancing to the song perfectly encapsulates Balthazard’s world, which is tainted by nostalgic memories and flashing lights.

Balthazard’s first official release, “Once I’ve Been There” sets the tone, showcasing a few of his many influences. It captures a specific feeling and brings it to the dance floor in an explosive and uplifting fashion, making it the perfect soundtrack for all the moments of life. Overall, this track is a fine combination of nostalgia, energy, and emotion that will leave listeners wanting more.

What’s the highlight of your career so far?
The highlight of my career is really hard to define since there have been so many different experiences. The tour in China with one of my first bands “Back to the Lab” was an incredible experience and probably had some of the best memories created while playing 5 shows across the country.

More recently, I went back to Switzerland to play in front of a sold-out 2000 people cap venue in my home town Lausanne, which felt really special. Collaborating with my great friend and amazing artist Mik Ivy since last year was also amazing, we had a songwriting residency and it really set a strong bond between us.

Some great music is due to come out, including a collaboration between him and me, but I can’t talk too much about it yet…

What are future plans for your music and you as a brand?
The future of my project is hard to predict since it could go in various directions musically. My first release is heavily influenced by 00’s disco house and that is something that will always be part of my musical DNA, but future releases are going to explore my early influences such as Soul, House, Disco, Hip Hop and Dance, featuring original songs with amazing artists.

The live project is going to come together hopefully very soon, where great music is going to be played, kinda like a DJ set, but with guest musicians and the ability for me to switch to a drum set on stage…

This is a long-term goal but it would be the ultimate stage of my career, being able to bring back live instruments in a DJ set, while playing some of my original songs. Coming soon!

You should get comfortable, for the musical roller coaster that is Balthazard has just begun.

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