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Kully Bath’s “Rain Falls Inside” Offers A Heartfelt Melody Of Raw Emotions And Evocative Storytelling

Bromsgrove's Songbird Kully Bath Offers a Heartfelt Melody of Raw Emotions and Evocative Storytelling in "Rain Falls Inside". The most recent single by Kully Bath, titled "Rain Falls Inside," takes listeners on a harrowing trip that delves deep into the emotional terrain of a witness attempting to grapple with the weight of seeing a loved one move to the other side. Kully is not new to...

British Virtuoso AC23 Changing Newcastle’s Hip Hop Scene With New Single ‘Stryka’

AC23 is a dynamo on the British music scene, and they came straight out of Newcastle upon Tyne, a lively and throbbing city famed for its rich history and buzzing nightlife. This multi-talented musician blends styles together in a novel way, yet his heart and soul are in hip-hop. AC23 is a musical chameleon, capable of switching between the lyrical finesse of a seasoned poet and...

Stonebwoy – Nominate feat. Keri Hilson (Official Video)

Stonebwoy - Nominate feat. Keri Hilson (Official Video) https://youtu.be/pZodeLKQh-U