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Jessy Gh – Egbeadzi (Official Video)

Jessy Gh - Egbeadzi (Official Video) Egbeadzi talks about how one is well focused on his or her journey and careless about what the next man does. Every action is directed to making one's life better than idle paying attention to other people's lives. https://youtu.be/-I2vejKKtK4

MUNGMUNG Explores The Intricacies Of Online Friendships In A Melodically Alluring ‘Internet Friends’

The Sydney-based artist MUNGMUNG Explores the Intricacies of Online Friendships in a Melodically Alluring and Lyrically Provocative New Track 'Internet Friends'. You cannot afford to ignore MUNGMUNG if you're a lover of music. She's not just another artist on your radar; she's the kaleidoscope that demands your attention and keeps you hooked. It should come as no surprise that her most recent single, "Internet Friends," becomes...

Orlando Mendez Delivers Captivating Country-Rock Anthems Straight From The Heart

Orlando Mendez, a renowned American singer, songwriter, and composer, shares his impressive abilities and a lifelong love of country music. Orlando's high school years were...