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The Unveiling Of Jesse Pringle’s Panorama ‘Other Side’ – A Sonic Exploration Of Self

Jesse Pringle's Newest Album - A Musically Rich, Story-Telling Masterpiece Expanding the Boundaries of EDM and R&B. Kansas City-based singer-songwriter-composer Jesse Pringle continues to break new ground in the dynamic, ever-evolving modern music world with his innovative fusion of R&B and EDM. Pringle, who has been a professional athlete and an Oscar-winning filmmaker, brings an intense passion and commitment to his music. He draws inspiration from...

Kwaw Kese – Wossop (Official Video)

Kwaw Kese - Wossop (Official Video) Kwaw Kese of Madtime Entertainment has dished out another video and it is to his song dubbed "Wosop" shot and directed by Kweku Dela. Enjoy the visuals below... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2CcXL90sw5k

Mira Zoff Captivates With Poignant Narratives In Soft Pop And Folk

In the quietude of lockdown, Mira Zoff, a Swiss singer-songwriter, embarked on a journey of musical introspection and creation, giving birth to songs that...