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Yemi Alafifuni Takes Listeners Back “Home” In New Single

Christmas is getting nearer, and we are returning to join hands in solidarity and compassion. Families get to celebrate in style this holiday season, thanks to Yemi Alafifuni's invitation. His newest single, "Home," has a comforting and festive atmosphere, and he hopes that every home will be overflowing with joy this year. The musician from the United Kingdom made a lovely and honorable gesture. Jamie Snell's...

Dax – KILLSHOT 3 (Official Video)

Dax - KILLSHOT 3 (Official Video) Dax presents another hard-hitting rap song and it is "Killshot 3" a rendition of Eminem's hit diss song Killshot shot and directed by Moses Israel. Watch the video below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zb6uJhYT9QE

Michael Lyon’s “The Guy Who Won”: A Folk Odyssey Through Politics and Hope

The highly talented folk artist Michael Lyon from Torrance, United States, has created moving lyrics for his newly released song, “The Guy Who Won.” The...