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CJ Biggerman – Who (Episode 10)

CJ Biggerman - Who (Episode 10) CJ Biggerman is out with episode 10 of his BIggerman Thursdays and he calls this one "Who" which is UK Drill themed song. Enjoy the new one below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=stIoeNXn2Os

Nick Morrison Unveils A Global Folk Sound “Mountain Goat”

French-American Musician Nick Morrison Blends American Folk with African Rhythms in His Captivating Solo Debut "Mountain Goat" Nick Morrison, a French-American guitarist, singer, and composer, has just released his debut single, "Mountain Goat," heralding a significant leap forward in his blossoming solo career. Known for his passion for West African string music and American folk, Nick Morrison has skillfully crafted a musical identity that bridges continents...

The Unveiling Of Jesse Pringle’s Panorama ‘Other Side’ – A Sonic Exploration Of Self

Jesse Pringle's Newest Album - A Musically Rich, Story-Telling Masterpiece Expanding the Boundaries of EDM and R&B. Kansas City-based singer-songwriter-composer Jesse Pringle continues to break...