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Frank Black Takes A Conscious Approach In New Song “Peaks and Valleys”

With this song, American rapper Frank Black takes a more thoughtful and aware style, rapping about topics that many people from all backgrounds may connect to. The new song "Peaks and Valleys" demonstrates his true interest in conscious matters, and his ability to use his words to highlight critical societal and artistic concerns distinguishes him as an artist with a mission. His songwriting is both interesting...

JusHarry: Unveiling His Artistic Identity And Creative Growth With ‘One Track (Freestyle)’

From Glasgow to International Acclaim, JusHarry Establishes Himself as a Rising Star in the Music Scene. Rapper and artist JusHarry is a native of Glasgow, which is a thriving city in Scotland. Since making his debut in the summer of 2020, he has climbed to notoriety in a short amount of time. Through his performances on respected venues like BBC, Reprezent, Kiss FM, and Foundation FM,...

Freda Rhymz – Point Of Correction (Official Video)

Freda Rhymz - Point Of Correction (Official Video) https://youtu.be/sd-SU_PWp3E Label: Young Mission Entertainment Director: Amanor Blac Studio: Outlaw Philmz