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Opanka – Deliver Me (Official Video)

Opanka - Deliver Me (Official Video) Opanka Army frontline, Opanka presents the music video to his song "Deliver Me" shot and directed by Bra Shizzle. Watch below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VbgoextQBow  

Mere Stellar’s “Naiivi”: A Melodic Journey Through Betrayal And Empowerment

Electro-pop Artist Mere Stellar Confronts Narcissism with Her Latest Hit, "Naiivi" In her latest single, "Naiivi," Mere Stellar, formerly known as Milja Inkeri, masterfully encapsulates the raw emotions of betrayal and the path to self-realization. This poignant song strikes a chord with anyone who has navigated the turbulent waters of relationships tainted by narcissistic partners. Mere Stellar's sound is a vibrant fusion of electro-pop and acoustic textures....

Demetrius Merges Authenticity With Raw Talent In His Evolving Hip-Hop Journey

Demetrius, a formidable artist hailing from Frederick, Maryland, stands out as a beacon of raw talent and authentic storytelling. Since his explosive debut in 2020...