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Gracii’s Audacious Debut ‘Unrestricted’: A Tapestry Of Raw Emotion And Sonic Brilliance

Gracii, the newest precious stone to come out of the pulsating centre of New York City's music industry, is a formidable opponent that cannot be ignored. A new age of musical eclecticism is about to begin, and it will be ushered in by her mix of daring attitude, rich flair, and distinctive sound. Her lyrical cadence promises an experience that is comparable to that of...

TENI – Little (Love I Love) (Official Video)

TENI - Little (Love I Love) (Official Video) Sensational Nigerian musician, TENI shares the music video to her song "Little (Love I Love)" Do well to visualize below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sxbiM4hNyUE  

Chloe Tang Redefines The Soundtrack Of Self-Revolution In Her Latest “2.0”

Chloe Tang takes the form of a breath of fresh air, her presence and true essence balanced with its characterization. Tang releases an anthem...