Tag: Carson Ferris Returns with the Smashing 'Drive Alone'

I’m Just In A Class Of My Own – E.L Reveals

I'm Just In A Class Of My Own - E.L Reveals E.L has spun a truly versatile, yet amazing catalogue of music for a decade and counting. His presence and contribution to modern Ghanaian music is undisputed, even in terms of production. True music fans know he's a Man of the People, doing best to match the vast musical preferences of fans. During a Skype interview with...

Jessy Gh – M’aka (Official Video)Dir. By Bra Steff

Jessy Gh - M'aka (Official Video)Dir. By Bra Steff https://youtu.be/OsXDiM_GIW8

Carson Ferris Takes Us Back To “1999” With A Nostalgic Pop Anthem

With "1999," Carson Ferris takes us back in time in music's ever-changing universe. Provo, Utah-based pop virtuoso skillfully blends elements of Michael Jackson's early work...