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Melanie Gillott Is Cheerful “When Christmas Is With You”

Christmas is quickly approaching, and many people around the world are thrilled. A holiday season filled with love and joy American singer, Melanie Gillott's song arrived just in time. Her song, "When Christmas Is With You," is a touching and evocative song that summarizes the true meaning of festive joy and the importance of spending time with loved ones during Christmas. The joyful chorus, paired with...

Paul Bibbins Unleashes An Innovative Rock ‘n Roll EP ‘Disenchantment At A Distance’

With a guitar in his hand and a strong will, Paul Bibbins has made his own way as an artist. He has a voice that stands out in the business. A four-track EP called "Disenchantment At A Distance," Bibbins's most recent work, was just released. He is from Dallas, Texas, and he breaks the rules of traditional rock music to create an era of uniqueness...

BraClem – Behind Bars [Official Video]

BraClem - Behind Bars https://youtu.be/j0ysYe7jt98