Tag: Aldís Fjóla releases new EP “Pipedream”

Z-lla – What If (Official Video)

Z-lla - What If (Official Video) "What If" is one of the hot tracks on my debut album of twelve songs. It is hip-hop & rap music with a moody undertone. It talks about the probability nature of the world and identifies the fact that life is full of uncertainties, but also encourages one to put in his/her best in life. Enjoy the visuals below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YEhKIk_3Mno

LeMarvin and Nightfloor Join Forces To Dish Out New Song “Again”

If you're looking forward to listening to some incredibly relaxing music, you should check out these lovely vocals. We owe it all to Nightfloor and LeMarvin. The singer's skillful handling of the song's melodies adds to its entire charm, and the new single "Again" features soothing and soulful melodies. LeMarvin demonstrates a strong vocal range and has a natural talent for making his performances more emotionally...

Rising Star Alds Fjóla Unveils Her Soul-Stirring Debut ‘Pipedreams’ EP

Alds Fjóla, a musician who has been polishing her talent since the age of sixteen, lives and works in the lovely village of Borgarfjörur...