Stephanie Phillips Unravels ‘Retrospective’ – Folk’s Bridge Between Past And Present

The songs of Stephanie Phillips‘ music have a clear sense of connection to her. There is a sense of affinity in these songs as she talks about the ups and downs of life.

Her style of music, which she calls “progressive folk,” Stephanie writes songs that stay with you and make you feel intense emotions long after the last tune is played.

Andrew Bird, Cat Stevens, and James Taylor are just a few of the great musicians whose music Stephanie Phillips has loved. It looked like Stephanie’s entry into the world of notes and stories was engraved in stones. She had parents who loved music and were very important in the music industry, so she knew what to do.

So it shouldn’t be a surprise that Stephanie uncovered her natural singing talent while holding a guitar close to her chest when she was young. Stephanie found out about something which placed her on the path that would become her ultimate destiny.

There are places in the United States where Stephanie has played, including clubs in New York City like the Village Gate and the Speakeasy. She was also on the Speakeasy Album “Fast Folk.”

However, her album “Retrospective” is the real crowning glory of her work. It was a beautiful piece of music that had been forgotten for almost 30 years. It was first thought of in a studio in New York in 1993, but it was kept secret and only played for a handful of people. The rest of the world talked about Stephanie’s fresh releases, but “Retrospective” stayed quiet until its big release.

Stephanie’s young energy and the rich texture of her voice as she has grown older have finally come together in this emotional moment, which marks the end of a cycle. The beautiful harmonies of Mackenzie Markstein on “Hawaiian Eyes,” the brilliant rhythms of Chris Knowles on bass, and the magic of Kenny Johnson on drums all add to the magic of the song as a whole.

Stephanie Phillips Unravels 'Retrospective' - Folk's Bridge Between Past And Present
Stephanie Phillips Unravels ‘Retrospective’ – Folk’s Bridge Between Past And Present

The song “A Clean Break,” which was written in the 1990s but is now being recorded for the first time, is the album’s main track. At CurryLand Studio, the record was carefully fixed with Joni Elfers’ careful eyes and ears.

Stephanie’s “Retrospective” is more than just an album; it’s a bridge between time, connecting the life of the past to the knowledge of the present through her music. It’s a journey through 14 songs that demonstrate how Stephanie’s unique folk sound has changed throughout her career. This sound is real, all-encompassing, and very intense.

Take a deep breath and let “Retrospective’s” timeless stories carry you away. Let Stephanie Phillips’ voice guide you through the beautiful maze that is life.

I am thrilled to be able to finally have my full catalog available to the public

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