Sofi Tukker Premieres “Summer In New York”

When Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern collaborate on electronic music, they become Sofi Tukker, a genre-defying duo that emphasises inclusivity, unity, and self-empowerment.

Sofi Tukker’s collaboration with John Summit on “Sun Came Up” peaked at number one on the Billboard Dance Airplay chart in 2021, and they also recorded “Mon Cheri,” a trilingual effort with Amadou and Mariam. Billie Eilish, Lady Gaga, and Katy Perry are just a few of the musicians that have remixed songs by the band.

Also committed activist, Sofi Tukker has raised money and awareness for a variety of causes, including Planned Parenthood, The Trevor Project, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, the Natural Resources Defense Council, and the March for Our Lives. They’ve become a one-of-a-kind act because of their dedication to social justice and building a strong sense of belonging in the dance music community.

Intoxicatingly glossy electropop with worldwide influences from Sofi Tukker has swept the globe by storm, putting the listener on the edge of their seat if not lifting them out of it, leaving the listener awestruck. The new album WET TENNIS is out today at midnight through Ultra/Sony Music after their twice-nominated debut.

Self-determination, pleasure ownership, and freedom from external limitations are all themes that run through the album’s songs. When Everyone Tries to Evolve, Nothing Negative Is Safe is the title’s acronym.

To pursue happiness, one must give up some of their smaller anxieties and vices. Whatever obstacles they meet, the duo’s stubborn positivism never wavers; it’s the narrative of a human mistake being outdone by pleasure; it’s a tale of ecstasy outdoing human fallibility.

WET TENNIS is a monument to the duo’s tenacity and their devotion to their fans, the Freak Fam, who have supported them from the beginning. Sofi Tukker’s live streams became a daily ritual when in-person activities were no longer feasible. Sophie and Tucker were able to experiment and gain feedback on concepts that would ultimately become WET TENNIS in real-time with their community.

This is a set of songs written not just for but also in collaboration with the band’s dedicated followers. The album’s imagery is heavily influenced by tennis. Soph and Tuck’s writing process is represented by the game’s overlapping tennis rackets, which reflect the Venn diagram of their minds. Sofi Tukker is that sweet spot where their interests cross despite their very different backgrounds.

The album’s title is a nod to the album’s title track, which is oozing with an alluring sensuality as if it had just emerged from a warm pool. Regardless of whether they’re having fun or trying to make a point, they never lose a beat as they glide through a smooth, dewy world that only they can navigate.

Focusing on “Summer in New York,” the album’s first song “New York City is Sofi Tukker’s New York City and represents a full-circle moment for the couple as they return to New York after living in West Palm Beach for the last many years.

As a tribute to their hometown, Sofi Tukker’s birthplace, the house that welcomed them right out of college and gave inspiration for their first work, this album is a must-have for every music fan.

Miss Favela, Sophie’s favorite Brazilian restaurant in Brooklyn, where Brazilian music and cuisine rule, Tucker’s tattoo parlor, Bang Bang, on Chrystie St., where “Drinkee” was recorded by The Knocks, and many more.

Suzanne Vega’s “Tom’s Diner” hook is woven into the song to link the past and present of New York City. Along with “Summer in New York,” a copy of “Tom’s Diner” is presently a TikTok success, exposing the song to a new generation of dream chasers.”

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