Singer Daniella Binyamin Unlocks Her Third Single “Out of Fuel”

Daniella Binyamin is a singer, songwriter, and composer who grew up in two worlds due to her origins in the rural areas of Sweden as well as the vibrant metropolis of the Middle East.

The emphasis of her music is on her delicate and present voice as well as the methods in which she tells stories; her music is both strong and vulnerable. Her first song, titled “Grand Hotel” was released in March and was met with positive reception from both the media and the general public.

The bloggers were taken aback by her sensitive voice, the cinematic sounds, and the way she blended uplifted and melancholy feelings in her music.

This is actually the oldest song from my upcoming album, but one of the songs I like the most. It’s been with me for a long time, through different phases and different productions and I’m so happy it’s finally found its home. When I brought it to a session with my co-producer “Oskar Nyman”, I remember him being really excited when hearing it. It was like he could hear most of the elements and the end result already, although it was still really early days with the arrangement. We did the piano/vocal hook, recorded it with a drummer and after what felt like a thousand tweaks we were finally satisfied with how it turned out. Sometimes it can be the smallest things that give you that feeling.

Daniella has spent the last several years contributing her talents as a backup vocalist and lyricist to the albums of various musicians, like Lukas Graham, Zara Larsson, and Robin Schulz, amongst others.

Writing songs and tales has always been her method of attempting to get a better understanding of both herself and the world around her. A means of bringing order to the disarray that existed inside her mind and emotions.

The song “Out of Fuel” is going to be on her future album. It is a tune that is going to make her feel cooler and braver than she really is. The song is melancholy and seductive, and it has a rather daring soundscape; nonetheless, the concept of the song is extremely delicate; it is about the experience of feeling insecure and tiny in a relationship.

“Out of Fuel” touches a chord in a positive manner since it has a strange hook with an eastern flavour that tends to stay in one’s head, a tune that is spare and audacious, and extremely personal energy and voice.

It has an orientalish hook in the beginning of the song, that is a bit mystical and that kind of sets the scene for the song. It has a looot of vocaltracks, but I’ve worked hard to still make it sound settled, a grand piano, few but bold drums and this spaghetti western-guitar that I just love. We wanted it to sound as bold as possible with as few elements as possible, and I think we succeeded.

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