Silja Rós: Iceland’s Ethereal Voice In Pop And Indie Music

Silja Rós, an Icelandic artist, is someone who stands out with the colour of her life and creativity.

She is a pop diva whose music is a stunning combination of her native Icelandic charm and touching beauty providing a unique experience to listeners all over the world.

Silja Rós is not just a vocalist, however, she is an artist and a lyricist whose melodic songs will bring every listener right into a blissful state of mind, always making them feel good and posing for self-reflection.

A voyage through Silja Rós’s music reveals her openness of spirit and extraordinary talent. She can fit in seamlessly in most music genres and this transcendental genre-blending makes her work both popular among and noteworthy for a wide range of people.

With each song that she gives out, she adds another chapter in her saga of remarkable music which has contributed to a rise in her fan base.

”The Way U…” is one of the songs she worked on hand with Magnus Dagassson whom she is engaged and producer Stefán Örn Gunnlaugsson, especially on its arrangement.

The release of “Lie Just To Lie” by Silja Rós in the year 2022, really goes deep into what relationship entails and how both the negative and positive emotions are displayed showing her ability to do so using just music.

Nevertheless, Silja Rós is worth more than only music: she is an inductive and creative combination of science and arts. This time she decides to bring her talents to the TV screens, the winter drama “SKVÍZ” written and also the leading role performed by her, will be premiered this Easter at Síminn.

Silja Rós: Iceland's Ethereal Voice In Pop And Indie Music
Silja Rós: Iceland’s Ethereal Voice In Pop And Indie Music

For that to be said, she tackled those two types of art – acting and writing the scripts – which proved that she could do differently as an artist, even as a storyteller.

Through a solitary coat, sincere words and tunes which are tied back to characters and feelings, Silja Rós comes out as one of the artists to bear my mind when listening. She recently announced plans for new music and TV projects no doubt have her already large international fan base excited.

Despite the fact, that the music business market is full of imitative sounds and topics, Silja Rós brings a breeze of reality, and having the matter in her country with her listeners she promises to stay pleasing and fascinating forever.

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