Sarra Soweto Premieres Another Hit Single Dubbed ‘Piquee’

Sarra Soweto is an artist that is passionate about music, especially Afrobeat and acoustics.

She was born in Mali and raised in Serbia, and she now resides in Tarterets, which is located in the French department of Essonne.

She began composing at a very young age on the guitar as well as the piano before committing herself to lyrical singing in the conservatory while passing through a few years of the gospel choir. She also sang in a choir when she was younger.

She was exposed to a diverse range of musical influences at a young age, including performers like Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson, and as a result, she has an interest in both traditional music and more contemporary artists like STROMAE and WALLEN.

PIQUÉE is a passionate outburst from the artist. It’s a battle between his inclinations and the rationale he has for wanting to avoid falling into an addiction to toxic love. The piqué evolves from a message that was never really delivered into words that are scrawled on the nightstand and eventually become rhyming prose.

Insomnia is turned into a song within the same session that it was recorded in the studio. It is an invitation to enter the mind of the artist, complete with all of his tribulations, his uncertainties, and eventually his clarity.

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