Rising Pop Star Maya Salafia’s New Single “Everlasting”

About Maya Salafia

Maya Salafia is a Boston-based singer and songwriter who dabbles in the field of pop music. Maya has been a talented musician ever since she was a kid. She started playing the piano at age 5 and at 9 years she started writing pop music and at age 13 she released her debut EP titled “Trapped in a Daydream” which contained 6 original tracks.

Maya’s debut single “First Grade” was placed on over 90 playlists and exceeded 29,000 Spotify streams and was selected as a semi-finalist in the 2021 international Songwriting Competition in the “Teen” Category. She has been recognised and won in many songwriting competitions which says a lot about this young talented artist. Her vocal range and style of delivery has been compared to international artists like Taylor Swift, Phoebe Bridgers and Tate McRae. Maya plans on improving and becoming a better songwriter, she plans to release more songs in 2022.

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About The release “Everlasting”

Maya Salafia’s new tune “Everlasting” has demonstrated that the rebirth of the pop-country genre is just around the corner, thanks to an immensely evocative tale and exquisite language. The key topics of this song are relationships and being able to accept someone for who they are rather than seeking to persuade them to change. The song begins with lovely acoustic guitar work and Maya’s delicate, sweet voice. The song’s excitement gradually grows as it changes into the appealing pop-country choruses, with a full band being the song’s driving force.

Listen to this release and you will know all the praises she gets isn’t a hoax.

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