Rich Hennessy’s “Sidelines” Delivers A Summer Anthem Of Unrequited Love

Rising LGBTQ Artist Rich Hennessy Blends Emotional Depth with Infectious Pop Melodies “Sidelines

Rich Hennessy is a fast rising LGBTQ singer, songwriter and a brilliant composer from Nashville, United States.

As the second track of a 4-headed series, “Sidelines” fully reflects his ability to spend the same time both for the personal thinking and melodic earworms.

As a kid, Rich Hennessy seemed to have an affinity towards music, singing the popular 80s songs to his parents in their Dodge Caravan. Collaboration with an experienced songwriter sponsored by another music enthusiast’s father was the turning point for him in musical production, and that experience profoundly influenced his career as a singer-songwriter.

Released from confinements of quarantine and after justice movement following George Floyd‘s killing, his debut single “Enough,” finally materialized with intentions to convey the mixed feelings as well as craving justice.

This anthem called the listeners into the action, reminding them of their time and voice leaded to improvisation as an art form for bringing out social consciousness.

Sidelines“- the title track of the upcoming project by pop artist – has that very upbeat and uplifting sound that is now called the summer anthem. By explaining the agony caused by unrequited love and the rejection that comes due to that feeling being overlooked it is expressed.

Sidelines” by Rich Hennessy allows him to get into the complexities of assisting a person through watching, usually from afar since it hurts watching the person you love with others, a feeling that is very hard to express even yourself.

Rich Hennessy's "Sidelines" Delivers A Summer Anthem Of Unrequited Love
Rich Hennessy’s “Sidelines” Delivers A Summer Anthem Of Unrequited Love

The ways in which he is able to capture these unique emotions perfectly highlight the breadth of his song writing.

Despite the difficulties and challenges, Rich Hennessy was outstanding in his field of music and the representation of the LGBTQ community that is what you can see. He doesn’t only manage his craft but also his advocacy in the fields of LGBTQ issues.

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Sidelines” is an emotionally and collectively fulfilling journey which gives all listeners a chance to relate with their own stories during the summer.

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