Recording Academy Members Launch ‘Beyond the Music’ Podcast

Recording Academy Members Launch ‘Beyond the Music’ Podcast

Today, Recording Academy Voting Member Matt B and his wife Angela Benson (also a member of the Recording Academy) launched their new video podcast called ‘Beyond the Music’. In this podcast, they will dive deep into real-life issues; events that occur within the music industry. They will share their advice and input on various topics from the unique vantage points of being a thriving record label owner/artist manager and a successful musician. When they aren’t creating content, they are running a full-time business (Vitae Records).

Episode 1: The Multifaceted Artist/The State of Music Today Description

In today’s music industry (especially during times of COVID-19), independent artists are often expected to wear multiple hats and invest their time into learning new skills that will help them to advance in their careers. In this episode, Angela & Matt B dissect the concept of being a “Jack/Jill of all trades” as an artist and dive deeper into the importance of being more than just a musician. Matt & Angela also unpack the state of the industry today and discuss being a visionary, artists chasing fame instead of their dreams, “cookie-cutter” music versus music with passion, and much more.

Episode 2: Should You Stay Independent or Sign That Deal?

Independent vs Major Record Label: Which one takes the crown? Matt B and Angela take a deep dive into the pros and cons of being independent vs signing a deal with a major record label. They discuss ownership of masters, maintaining creative control, setting goals and expectations, and ultimately, which option is the best for you?

Episode 3: COVID-19 and The Music Business/Should Artists Get Vaccinated?

The pandemic has altered the world’s sense of normalcy. Every industry was affected and left devastated. However, COVID-19 restrictions had a profound impact on the music industry. Artists were dropped from their deals, venues shut down as live entertainment converted to virtual platforms, and artists were left with few avenues to collect revenue consistently. In this episode, Matt B and Angela discuss the pandemic’s impact on the music industry, as well as the big question: Should you get the COVID vaccine?

For all Beyond the Music press inquiries, please contact Richardine Bartee at GRUNGECAKE – Beyond the Music hosts, Angela Benson and Matt B are available for interviews, appearances, and creative collaborations.

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