Paul Hickey Tags Karen Denieffe On Igniting New Single “Lay Down”

Because of the profound impact that the music has, it is clear that it was created with a significant amount of emotional attachment by the artist. This becomes more apparent with each passing second.

Because Karen Denieffe (O’Neill)’s vocals are so genuine and unadulterated, Paul Hickey made the best decision possible when he recruited her to work on this song.

The new song “Lay Down” creates a happy and calm atmosphere that is difficult to resist.

The song is an instant vibe enhancer because of the combination of enticing beats and emotional lyrics, making it the ideal hymn for happiness and affection.

Tom-Tom Courtney, who was playing the drums, was accompanied by Paul’s instruments, which create a deep and layered sound that enriches the whole experience. Infectious percussion and current features also contribute to the creation of this sound.

It is pretty evident that your current spouse does not care about you as much as Karen does, you should just give yourself over to her and lie down with her. She does not exaggerate any of it in any way.

The beautiful vocals and energetic arrangement lend the song more dimension and beauty, which in turn enhances the song’s innately romantic quality. The music is breathtaking, and everyone should give it a listen.

Listen to the song below.

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