Parisian Prodigy Miron Pushing The Boundaries Of Rock And Electro Dance

Miron is an enthralling force in the music business, and they were born and raised in the City of Lights.

This Parisian talent is recognised for their piercing voices and intriguing compositions, and they are currently carving out a name for themselves at the thrilling confluence of rock and roll narrative and electronic dance rhythms.

The trip across the musical territory and inward reflection are represented by Miron’s music. Following the release of three critically acclaimed albums that were heavy on rock, they have moved in a different direction, adopting an enticing electro-dance beat that is infused with the neon nostalgia of the ’80s disco scene.

Miron’s most recent single, “Long Nails,” is an audacious foray into unexplored musical terrain, serving as yet another demonstration of Miron’s adaptability and spirit of exploration.

“Long Nails” is more than simply a song; it represents a significant turning point in Miron’s path as a musician. A variety of musical genres have been unexpectedly combined in this new track, yet the result is flawless. It’s like wandering through the Louvre and seeing a Banksy on the wall; it’s unexpected but exhilarating, and it demonstrates how far-reaching the artist’s influence is.

This song is a tribute to the culture of nightclubs, and it has an irresistible combination of throbbing basslines, captivating melodies, and pulsating rhythms that is sure to pack dance floors. The unusual tone of Miron’s voice lends an air of originality to the tune by acting as a storyteller among the cacophony of the electronic dance rhythm.

In “Long Nails,” Miron exhibits an incredible capacity to adapt while yet being loyal to who they are. This is a song that perfectly expresses the electrifying, exhilarating, and little mysterious nature of the dynamic Parisian nighttime. It is both a nod to the eclectic music environment of the city and a glaring indication of the limitless possibilities that Miron has.

The fact that Miron has successfully transitioned from rock and roll to electro-dance is evidence of the band’s pioneering spirit and their unwillingness to be pigeonholed into a particular musical subgenre.

Parisian Prodigy Miron Pushing The Boundaries Of Rock And Electro Dance
Parisian Prodigy Miron Pushing The Boundaries Of Rock And Electro Dance

What would you say is your greatest strength as an artist?
It is definitely my work ethic. I know how much work I’ve put in to get here and how much work I have yet to put in. With work, confidence follows so I am happy to be where I am. It has also helped me believe in myself.

What is your creative process when making music?
I try to approach every song differently so I can give it a different life, therefore my creative process varies a lot. One thing that I always do is I kind of practice my inspiration and creativity every day. I take it as a 9-5 job so I can feel prepared when inspiration kicks in.

How long have you been making music and what attracted you to it?
I’ve been writing lyrics since a very young age. The singing and composing came a bit later. I think what attracted me the most was the feelings that music invoked in me. I sensed the power of music and its beauty and I want to make people feel the same way my favourite artists make me feel. And they make me feel amazing.

What is the biggest challenge you have had to overcome as a band/artist so far?
For sure the biggest challenge was to get the ball rolling. Before you start you ask yourself a lot of questions and you might doubt if it is a great idea. I’m happy that for me this flowed naturally. It was kind of one thing happening after another. Though it took some time to believe in myself and consider myself an artist.

What streaming sites do you think offer the most value to a band?
I think Spotify and YouTube. At least personally, I try to focus on these two because this is where I see the most movement. There’s also Soundcloud for example, which I think has great potential. I just haven’t got the hang of it yet.

How do you think social media or the internet has affected the music scene in your country?
Social media surely opened doors to a lot of artists who struggled to get a platform or a way to reach fans. It gave people the ability to distribute and share music with people all over the world, which before, was very difficult to do since most artists depended on record labels for that. Now, emerging artists have a platform to do that themselves.

What are your friends and parents thoughts on your career?
In the beginning, people found it weird. As time goes by they understand it more. It is vital for you to believe in yourself and in your career before anyone else does. The problem with art in general is that it is not a 9 to 5 job.

People do not necessarily see the hard work an artist puts in when it comes to creating music because we are judged on our final result. There is not really tangible proof of the work you do.

I struggled with that in the beginning because being an artist is a very lonely job and people don’t take you seriously. However, with time I realized that it is a part of the process.

What does your current song mean to you?
I think it serves as a milestone for what I have done so far. I am very happy with how the song turned out to be. In addition, it’s a stepping stone for what is to come next, which is my upcoming album which I am super excited to share with everyone.

What is one message you would give to your fans?
I want to thank everyone who listens to and appreciates my music in one way or another. I know the things I feel and sing about are mutual with a lot of people and I am so happy when someone tells me they relate. I guarantee everyone that the more you get of me, the better you’ll get to know me and you will relate to me and my music more and more.

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