Oster The ‘Vibe Dealer’ Is Crafting Multi-Platinum Beats Across Europe

Born into a family steeped in music, Oster‘s journey from Belgium to the heart of the European music scene is one for the books.

With six siblings exposing him to a diverse range of sounds, Oster found his calling in music production, quickly making a name for himself across the continent, particularly in Germany and the Balkans, where his collaboration with Dhurata Dora garnered significant attention.

Whenever you hear the signature “Oster on the beat, watch out,” you know you’re in for a sonic treat. From dancehall to afrobeat, Oster’s distinct sound as a solo artist continues to captivate audiences, proving that he’s not just a behind-the-scenes music wizard but a formidable performer in his own right.

After years as the invisible force behind countless hits, the producer affectionately known as the “VIBE DEALER” is now stepping into the limelight.

His focus has shifted from aiding other artists’ musical visions to creating and releasing his own body of work. The culmination of this shift is his debut EP, aptly titled “VIBE CITY.”

VIBE CITY” is a potent mix of the afro-dancehall sound that clubs and DJs adore, peppered with heady bangers that are as infectious as they are hard to shake.

This 7-track EP is an audacious showcase of Oster’s talent and creativity, serving as a testament to his ability to craft beats that not only move the body but also resonate with the soul.

Oster’s journey as a multi-platinum producer and solo artist is a testament to his unyielding passion for music.

His ability to seamlessly blend different genres into an intoxicating sonic cocktail sets him apart in a crowded music landscape.

As we eagerly anticipate the release of “VIBE CITY,” one thing is clear: Oster’s vibrant beats are here to shape the soundscape of European music.

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