Nolo Grace Explores Transformation In New Single “Eyes Of The Dragon”

Korean-American Artist Nolo Grace Returns with a Soulful and Introspective Indie Electro-Pop Track “Eyes Of The Dragon

Los Angeles-based Korean-American artist and producer Nolo Grace returns with her introspective new single, “Eyes Of The Dragon,”.

This cinematic indie electro-pop track invites listeners into a space of introspection, exploring the complexities of the human experience.

Inspired by themes of transformation and the multiplicity of self, “Eyes Of The Dragon” delves into the duality of light and dark within each individual.

Nolo Grace explains,

“The song connects with the prowess of the dragon, symbolizing strength, power, and wisdom, while also reflecting the purity of seeing one’s true self.”

Nolo Grace‘s journey is as compelling as her music. From a challenging childhood to a successful career on Wall Street, she eventually found her true calling in music.

Her debut single “Wake Up,” featuring Sean Kingston, marked her entry into the music scene, blending pop, R&B, hip hop, and experimental genres to create a distinctive sound.

Eyes Of The Dragon” continues this tradition, combining soulful, dreamy vocals with hip hop and experimental productions. The track is an ode to the various versions of herself that Nolo Grace acknowledges—the one experiencing life’s ups and downs, the witness, and the higher self offering guidance.

Having lived as a digital nomad before settling in Los Angeles, Nolo Grace brings a global perspective to her music.

Her work has been featured on Netflix’s “Bling Empire,” and she has collaborated with various industry professionals as an artist, writer, and producer.

Nolo Grace Explores Transformation in New Single "Eyes Of The Dragon"
Nolo Grace Explores Transformation in New Single “Eyes Of The Dragon”

She is also the co-founder of PARASOL, a creative community aimed at nurturing the creative spirit and providing a sense of belonging.

Eyes Of The Dragon” is more than just a song; it’s a reflection on transformation and the expansive view of self that we can all tap into.

This release sets the stage for her upcoming album, which promises to delve deeper into themes of development and personal growth.

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