Natalie Clark Releases New Single “Freedom”

Natalie Clark has carved out a specialised area that is recognised for its genuineness.

Having serenaded the airwaves of countless radio stations and television shows, Natalie’s voice has become an emblem of refined artistry.

Los Angeles might be her recording haven, but the open roads of the United States have witnessed her touring prowess. Not to forget, she dazzled the stage, opening for the illustrious Grammy-awarded Indigo Girls.


Nestled among her inspirations are powerhouses like Whitney Houston and Adele, and the formidable prowess of Maren Morris and Bishop Briggs.

The shimmer of the spotlight isn’t new to Natalie; she’s shone under it on “The Voice”, catching the gaze of industry legends like Blake Shelton and Christina Aguilera.

If that wasn’t testament enough, being handpicked to perform at BBC Radio 1 Academy sessions on the recommendation of none other than Richard Branson surely is.


Natalie’s voice is a cascade of Neo-Soul nostalgia. You hear it, and you’re transported. It’s the rawness of emotion, so vividly expressed, that takes you on a journey from the tranquil whispers of dawn to the pulsating heartbeats of a city at night.

Her voice soars over high octaves, telling tales with every note while piano keys dance. She tells stories of short moments and profound emotions.

But wait, the crescendo of her journey is yet to be heard. Enter “Freedom”, her highly anticipated album that’s been nurtured to perfection. In collaboration with the legendary Todd Spadafore, Natalie delivers her magnum opus.

Natalie Clark Releases New Single “Freedom”
Natalie Clark Releases New Single “Freedom”

“Freedom” isn’t just a song; it’s an anthem. With gospel undertones and an intoxicating arrangement, it showcases Natalie at her boldest. As her voice layers into a celestial choir, the message is clear: seize the day, embrace your dreams.

With “Freedom”, Natalie Clark reminds us of the unyielding power of music. It’s more than a song; it’s an emotion, an experience, a revelation.

And in Natalie’s universe, every note is a mesmerizing magic spell. So, here’s to freedom— in music, in life, and the undying spirit of Natalie Clark.


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