Munk Duane’s Evocative New Single “We’ve Talked About This Before” Explores The Depths Of Aging And Memory

Based in Boston, U.S.A, Munk Duane who is an admired recording artist and film composer, has just dropped his emotionally resonant song “We’ve Talked About This Before” along with AWAL (Sony Music).

Famous for everything he could do, Duane did more than write and perform the song, he was also the producer of it. The mastering was done flawlessly by Brian Lucey at Magic Garden Mastering in Los Angeles who has worked on Grammy® winning releases for The Black Keys and Lizzo, as well as the soundtrack for the best picture “The Greatest Showman”.

Duane’s musical journey has been marked by significant achievements, including the release of three impactful singles: “Just A Word,” “My Fellow Americans,” and “Myths,” these are songs that carry a message, a meaning and are thought-provoking.

His own R&B mixed with deep meaningful lyrics and rhythms grooves out this artist’s rich, artistic content. His tunes reached a higher mountain after placing three tracks from his music collection in the movie “The Getback” in which Theo Rossi, Kim Coates, Dermot Mulroney, and Anthony “Treach” Criss were the movie’s main actors.

One noteworthy moment was his song “Myths” which stood out as an interpretation of Rossi’s main character and raised Duane in the corridors of the music industry.

“We’ve Talked About This Before” is a difficult one that addresses the intricate world of dealing with ageing relatives. The song poetically suggests the theme of empathy and sympathy through the repetitive talks about the same topic.

Duane uses this imagery of a “needle skipping on your favourite song” to describe these encounters. Still, it appears more like he is urging everyone to live in the moment, enjoying the present with the awareness that it will all end someday.

Munk Duane's Evocative New Single "We've Talked About This Before" Explores The Depths Of Aging And Memory
Munk Duane’s Evocative New Single “We’ve Talked About This Before” Explores The Depths Of Aging And Memory

“Munk Duane’s latest single, besides being just a song, is a story with a sad ending that anyone can relate to if they have gone through this type of experience.

The fact that he can write timeless pieces which touch on the deeper issues of humanity illustrates his exceptional talent not only as a poet but also as a storyteller.

‘We’ve Talked About This Before’ is evidence of Duane’s knack for creating music which not only caters to the listener’s ear but also engages them emotively, and this makes it an immensely important addition to his growing body of work and the expanding music landscape.

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