Mira Sthira Unveils “Up And Down”: A Dark Fairytale In Indie Pop

Notable people often have an interesting name and it is no different in the case of Emily. Her unique moniker, Mira Sthira, is a combination of a soft and deep emotional voice with quirky tunes.

Her music which borrows from the likes of Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Grimes, and Aurora, is a mixture of realness and computer-generated instrumentation.

The name ‘Sthira,’ meaning ‘ocean strength,’ is perfectly suited to describe the essence of Emily’s musical journey – a beautiful combination of healing and introspective lyrics.

Her most recent single, “Up And Down” featuring alternative electro-pop elements is an audio fantasy where humankind is on a dark fairy-tale journey. The music’s path takes us through the dirty forest sounds to the enchanting Disney-like soundscapes, ending with the heart portal of truth rediscovered.

This is a song that shows off Emily’s ability to create a connection between the real and the magical as well as to create compelling musical stories.

The production of the song, “Up and Down”, is a collaborative effort, with the contributions of Mehdi Belkadi, Mikheil Rusishvili, and Luis Escalera, and recorded at Black Owl Studio by Matt Perry. The mixing by Jonathan Pfarr and mastering by Brandon Allshouse give the track its finishing touches, adding a great deal of shine and dimension to the work.

Emily’s “Up and Down” is in unison with those who recognize Snow White in themselves—is it you who have been touched from the inside without the need of the Prince’s kiss?

This song will serve as the perfect combination of dark pop similar, to Taylor Swift, and the introspective depth of “Wide Awake” by Katy Perry. It’s a song that will give a special feeling to the listeners who are trying to find their truths in a world of illusions.

Mira Sthira Unveils "Up And Down": A Dark Fairytale In Indie Pop
Mira Sthira Unveils “Up And Down”: A Dark Fairytale In Indie Pop

We hear a different angle of the indie pop with “Up and Down” by Mira Sthira which is both fresh and bewitching, so she is apart from the indie pop music scene. Her gift of mingling enigma and depth in her music delivers a truly magnetic experience for listeners desiring both uniqueness and authenticity in pop.

Emily’s music is not just hearing but rather journeying in the realm of indie pop where fairy tale meets the real and where the listeners are invited to delve into their inner ability to have and be strong.

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