Miles East Unveils Poignant Single “Lucky To Be Here Tonight”

New York Singer Miles East‘s Upcoming Album ‘Between Lightning And Thunder’ Promises a Deep Dive into Emotional Turbulence.

He might be a music sensation that is not well-known but Miles East, a singer-songwriter from New York City has once again displayed his very impeccable talent with the release of his newest single, “Lucky To Be Here Tonight”.

This portion of the album gives a glimpse of his next and to-be-released studio album, ‘Between Lightning and Thunder,’ scheduled to come out on June 7th.

Of course, Miles East is probably most recognized for his sensational music, but he can make his audience feel a distinct connection with him by using a very distinctive composition style.


“Between Lightning and Thunder”, East’s second album, takes a deeper view of the relationship leading to the breaking point through the turbulent relationship chaos. The album is like a lighthouse amid the bitter cold and howling winds of passion and every song is a lantern–some of them are flickering with the hope that there is a bright side, and others are flaring signs of the risks lying ahead.

It seems like in this narrative trip so many things take place – the spirit of optimism, which grows with them and then, finally, the redemption, which as simple as it sounds is mighty.

East’s musical trip was pulmonized at full swing when his debut album ‘Ghosts of Hope’ was released in 2016. Through his music, he has created this deep and broad domain of rock, pop, and folk, secured by his strong vocal delivery, and backed by his professional musicianship.


He makes a musical angst that is the one between ‘Sea Change’ and ‘Ram’ by Beck, besides McCartney and he is compared with artists like Iron & Wine, Ray LaMontagne, and Jason Isblack.

“Lucky To Be Here Tonight” a song that Blake Morgan, an artist/producer of high repute, has been recording is an indicator of the fact that East is great in music. A relationship in all its facets is embodied by the single in all its glories and challenges.

It is just another East reflection that is characterized by muted song lines, vivid lyricism and an echoey pad soundscape, all set to a sparse-drummed beat.

Miles East Unveils Poignant Single Lucky To Be Here Tonight
Miles East Unveils Poignant Single Lucky To Be Here Tonight
Through East’s music, the audiences will get episodes of epic and expressive stories; one that is deeper in every sense of the word. We can do nothing but attest to the skills of the narrator in “Lucky To Be Here Tonight”.
East uses each song like a station along the way, taking us his listeners through the horizons of love and out of it, as well as through many other areas of human activity.This new album to be released is not going to be just a collection of tracks but a presentation of a magnificent array of situations and stories. With it being such an accessory, listeners will relate to emotions and narrations on a very profound scale.

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