Metal Mavericks Glytsh Carving An Inclusive Landscape In The Music Scene

Glytsh, which consists of the French singer Jennifer Diehl and the Swiss guitarist Claire Genoud, leaves an everlasting impression on the musical landscape of the whole world with a booming intensity that shatters the stillness and darkness that seeps into the very core of the listener.

The Unique Fusion of France and Switzerland Strikes a Chord with Their Metal Melodies and an Underlying Mission of Inclusivity.

Glytsh is a dynamic pair that formed in 2021. Their music is a combination of metal and alternative, and it is a symphony of dark, scary auditory landscapes and images. This music excites and chills simultaneously.

This potent mixture displays its energising, frightening, and distinctive features in its three notable creations so far, which include a version of the NIN classic “Closer,” “(Hard)Core Memory,” and “SAV@GE.”

But Glytsh’s music isn’t only about the hypnotic melodies and eerie harmonies alone; it’s also about something else entirely. They play music with a heavy emphasis on revolutionising the metal and alternative music communities, and this is the driving force behind their music.

Metal Mavericks Glytsh Carving An Inclusive Landscape In The Music Scene
Metal Mavericks Glytsh Carving An Inclusive Landscape In The Music Scene

They are devoted to making these venues more accessible, inclusive, and safe for aspiring artists and listeners of all ages, sexual orientations, and gender identities.

Their newest song, “VHS (Vulgar Holy Spirit),” is the most recent example of their musical talent and commitment to their purpose. This tune has the reverberations of a love song, but it also has a rather melancholy undertone to it.

It is loud and proud. Glytsh’s discography receives an additional layer of intricacy and depth thanks to the narrative of an old love affair that longs for a second chance.

The release of “VHS” acts as a precursor to Glytsh’s soon-to-be-released first EP as well as the band’s first tour, all of which are planned for the latter half of this year. After a lengthy period of quiet caused by the epidemic, Glytsh is planning to spread their electrifying energy across stages in conjunction with DHP Family, which is one of the most successful entertainment agencies in the United Kingdom.

Even though Glytsh has only just started out on their voyage, they are already defying expectations and creating music that is as bit as daring as it is meaningful.

Glytsh has the potential to excite and unify their audience with their one-of-a-kind sound and unwavering commitment to their cause, making for an exciting and bright future in the music business.

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