Mary Lena’s “Colorful Monet” Inspires Self-Confidence With Enthralling Melodies

The beautiful melody and colourful lyrics of Austrian powerhouse singer, songwriter and composer Mary Lena, always have their way through the hearts of listeners.

The title of her latest EDM release: “Colorful Monet” has captivated the hearts of many as a guaranteed enthralling vocal performance.

It is the heart belt lines and strong vibrating energy that make it a guide in electronic dance music full of colours and shades.

The beginning of historical journeys by this young artist was marked by vibrating success with the uplifting bang of her “Make Me Hide.” It climbed the iTunes charts and was heard on many radios.

The uniqueness of Mary Lena’s music comes through the joyous tunes and songs of wisdom that strike a note of power and joy. While her hits have become personal and innermost ruminations, also her music has become a common call to hear her fans believe in themselves and remain strong-minded individuals, particularly these days when there’s a critical need for self-acceptance and assurance.

The narrative portrayed in the melody is a thoughtful manifestation of self-belief and hope, and each harmony serves not only be just a rhythm for one to be carried away with but also as a place of escape where he/she can enjoy the beaming freedom that it brings about.

The latest single from her, “Colorful Monet”, implodes as a bright anthem, inspiring people from all communities to love them for their uniqueness and to explore and consequently realize just how limitless the possibilities are.

Subtly, the song compares human life to a painter’s canvas, saying why can’t we all be the supreme painter of our destiny?

It captures this sense of magnanimity and masterpiece only a Monet could, encouraging its listeners to stay alert and write the beautiful canvas that only they could paint.

Mary Lena's "Colorful Monet" Inspires Self-Confidence With Enthralling Melodies
Mary Lena’s “Colorful Monet” Inspires Self-Confidence With Enthralling Melodies

“Colorful Monet” would not fit into the classical borders of a song as it is a journey out of self-knowledge towards a new self. Apart from music the sermon also plays an enormous role of motivation and inspiration.

This work invites its viewers to acquire the costume of their lifetime story and prevue it through bold and powerful images.

Through “Colorful Monet” Mary Lena entertains the ears with her impeccable music while simultaneously embroiling the spirit in a celebration of the undeniable and exclusively extraordinary life story of our own.

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