Marco Lowrey Elevates Afrobeat With Enchanting New Single “Ohemaa”

British-Ghanaian Artist Marco Lowrey Blends Rhythmic Harmony in Latest Love Anthem “Ohemaa

With his new Afrobeat song “Ohemaa,” British-Ghanaian singer Marco Lowrey is captivating audiences once more.

This comes after the success of his previous hit “Twe Da” featuring Medikal and Kurl Songx. Lowrey, who is known for mixing a lot of different styles, successfully mixes Afrobeats, R&B, Highlife, and hip-hop to make a catchy and happy track that fans of lively rhythms and honest lyrics are sure to enjoy.

In “Ohemaa,” Lowrey sings to his girlfriend about a dream vacation, taking the viewer on a musical journey to beautiful places.

His smooth words glide over catchy tunes as he tells her that money is no problem and he’s ready to give her all the comforts of a perfect vacation.

Well-known singers like Michael Jackson, Daddy Lumba, and Sarkodie have a big impact on Lowrey‘s music, and you can hear it in the way he produces and sings. His unique mix of musical styles shows how versatile he is and how deeply he is connected to both his British and Ghanaian roots.

It’s clear that “Ohemaa” was produced well; every beat and rhythm was carefully chosen to bring out the song’s beautiful and rich themes.

The track’s lively flow skilfully blends classic Afrobeat beats with modern music production methods, making a sound that is at once fresh and classic.

Ohemaa” is a great addition to Lowrey’s collection, which already includes the thoughtful EP “Against All Odds.” He is already a big name in the music business, and his new single makes that even clearer. He is great at writing songs that are both fun and moving.

Ohemaa Mercy – Ote Me Mu (He Lives In Me) ft. MOG

You can now find “Ohemaa” on all of the big music streaming services. With its Afrobeat beats and smooth R&B vocals, this song is a celebration of love and luxury.

It’s a must-listen for anyone who wants to escape to a world of music.

Marco Lowrey brings an infectious charm and groove to the Afrobeat scene, so make sure you tune in.

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