Lucid Phase To Release Single Record On February 13th

Lucid Phase To Release Single Record On February 13th

Lucid Phase To Release Single Record On February 13th

Lucid Phase, today, announced a new single release set for Saturday, February 13th, 2021 by Los Angeles-based band, Lucid Phase, called Spelunkin’. Inspired by metaphor art, Spelunking is defined by Oxford Languages as the exploration of caves, especially as a hobby.

The track Spelunkin’ is a metaphor of finding yourself and digging deep to explore truth,” explains lead singer, Garret Laver. ‘Who am I, who are you?’ lyrics read, ‘The treasure that you seek is the freedom of your speech. Understanding the important values that we carry with us whilst avoiding greed and material wealth… In the words of the legend himself; ‘My richness is life, forever.’ (quoting) Bob Marley. Spelunkin’ embodies this idea.” – Laver continues.

Based in Los Angeles, California, Lucid Phase is comprised of members; Jacob Flack, Garret Laver, and Cyrus Maleki. Their sound blends roots, dub & blues, with influences across the globe featuring guitar, bass, keys, percussion, melodica, trombone, saxophone, violin, and personally recorded bits from exotic locations such as the jungles of Costa Rica all mixed and mastered into sonic bliss.

Band member, Cyrus Maleki, explains how a hometown friend of Savannah, Georgia, Andrew Scardino, dropped by The Dub Room Recording Studio when the group was tracking out and recording Spelunkin’.

Andrew and I go way back jammin’ in Georgia in places like Northside Tavern in Atlanta and Barrel House South in Savannah,” Maleki explains. “We always like seeing familiar faces at the studio and when Andrew came through he really nailed the lead guitar track giving it that Dead inspired Jerry to pluck… I plugged in my bass and keys and it all came together with Garret’s vocals and Jacob’s array of instruments.

Jacob Flack details, “The Jaw Harp was a great one to add, which gives a bouncy twang rhythmic sound throughout the track. Also adds a mysterious sound similar to stalactites dripping and bouncing within the walls of the cave.”

The single Spelunkin’ is currently available for first listen HERE. Produced by Lucid Phase at The Dub Room Recording Studio on LA’s famed Sunset Strip, Spelunkin’, is recorded and mixed by Lucid Phase band members Cyrus Maleki (Lead Guitar) and Jacob Flack (Percussion). The track is mastered by Chris Gehringer with Sterling Sound (NYC). Pre-Order links may be found here.

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