Loudgi Drops ‘La Solution (Remix)’ Featuring Tyron Klein

Loudgi is a young artist who began his career some years ago more or less in the underground. His stage name is verlan of the diminutive of his nickname, Gilou, plus a “d” to denote the English pronunciation of the name.

He was therefore allowed to play debuts of musicians such as Manou Bolomik, Millénium at Morne Rouge, or even Georges Helyott at the performance of REM, a local radio station.

The only people who actually knew who he was were his family at the time. In addition to that, Loudgi is a dedicated musician in his church. He learned how to create his own instrumentals of the time when he was 20 years old, with the intention of assisting younger individuals who are interested in beginning a career in music.

When there is a large meeting of young people organized by Bouge tonne ile Martinique (BTI), the Lord opens doors for interactions with other musicians, which results at the beginning of musical creation inside the organization.

The year 2018 was a very productive year for output. The new year of 2019 has begun, and the Lord is already working through his children who are stationed in Martinique to open doors for us and, as a result, assist us in harvesting.

By means of the aforementioned scriptures, Loudgi endeavors, with all of his heart, to encourage, reinforce, bolster, and express his delight, as well as the power of the Holy Spirit that we have in God.

MrrrDaisy is a Ghanaian-Spanish-born Journalist, A&R, Publicist, Graphic & Web Designer, and Blogger popularly known by many as the owner and founder of Music Arena Gh and ViViPlay. He has worked with both mainstream and unheard artists from all over the world. The young entrepreneur is breaking boundaries to live off his work, create an impact, be promoted, cooperate with prominent artists, producers, and writers, and build his portfolio.

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