Kurtys Ignites The Global Music Scene With Ground-breaking EP “NOVA”

French-Brazilian-Beninese Artist Kurtys Fuses Afrobeat and R&B in Stunning New Release “Magali”

Kurtys, the rising star of French hip-hop and R&B, has unleashed his latest EP “NOVA” – a sonic journey that pushes the boundaries of modern Afrobeat and global fusion.

This self-produced masterpiece under Oshean Records marks a bold new direction for the Paris-born artist, blending his diverse cultural heritage into a fresh, captivating sound.

“Magali” is the flagship track of his upcoming EP. With many influences such as Afrobeats or RnB, this title offers an Afro musicality unique in France, with an international reach.

“NOVA” is a testament to Kurtys’ musical evolution, seamlessly weaving Afrobeat, Amapiano, and Afro fusion elements. The EP’s standout tracks, “Laisser Faire” featuring Daiss and “Quitte Ma Tête” with Hiro, showcase Kurtys’ versatility and knack for crafting irresistible melodies.

The production quality on “NOVA” is impeccable, with crisp beats and lush soundscapes that transport listeners to a world where genres blur and innovation reigns.

Kurtys’ vocals shine throughout, demonstrating remarkable range and emotional depth. His flow is effortless, gliding over complex rhythms with a confidence that belies his years.

Kurtys Unveils “N’djawe”: A Fusion of Afrobeat and Heartfelt Narratives

What sets “NOVA” apart is its authentic fusion of cultures. Kurtys draws from his Brazilian and Beninese roots, infusing traditional African rhythms with contemporary urban sounds. This unique blend results in a listening experience that’s both familiar and excitingly new.

The EP’s structure is cohesive yet diverse, with each track offering a fresh perspective on Kurtys’ artistic vision.

He tackles themes of identity, love, and ambition with a nuanced approach that elevates “NOVA” beyond mere pop confection. While comparisons to artists like WizKid or Burna Boy might be tempting, Kurtys carves out a distinct niche.

Kurtys Ignites The Global Music Scene With Ground-breaking EP "NOVA"
Kurtys Ignites The Global Music Scene With Ground-breaking EP “NOVA”

His ability to bridge European and African musical traditions while maintaining a strong hip-hop foundation sets him apart in today’s crowded music landscape.

With thousands of global listeners on Spotify and a string of successful singles under his belt. As Kurtys continues to rise, “NOVA” stands as a powerful testament to his unique voice and vision.

This EP isn’t just recommended listening – it’s essential for anyone eager to experience the future of global music.

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