Juli Chan Surprises Her Fans With A New Pop Hit ‘ Not A Crime’

Juli Chan is a young musician who made a big impression on the Polish pop industry with a highly successful first performance.

She was named “Personality of the Year” and she sang songs that were creative, delicate, and full of a wonderful mood on radio stations. The year 2021 also marked the beginning of the artist’s worldwide career.

Her rendition of “Joe Le Taxi” hit the top of the French RTS FM radio charts and was broadcast on over 30 additional French radio stations.

For the first time in her career, the performer collaborated on a song with a Swedish author and composer pair.

This is a one-of-a-kind Juli Chan track, made in conjunction with Swedish composers. The sound of summer is mingled here with a pleasant, though dubious, affection.

The song is composed in a current soft international POP style and depicts the narrative of a girl who is thinking about her next move in her relationship with a man.

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