Jordana Delgado Celebrates Spring With “The Dancing Pink Flowers”

Jordana Delgado Captures the Essence of Spring in “The Dancing Pink Flowers

Piano and music artist Jordana Delgado, who lives in Vancouver, continues to amaze people with her beautiful musical works.

Her newest single, “The Dancing Pink Flowers,” is no different. In this lively piece, which honours spring and its famous cherry blossoms, Delgado shows how good she is at the piano and how she can use music to capture the heart of nature.

The Dancing Pink Flowers” is one of the best songs on her new EP, “Seasons,” which promises to be a musical journey through the changes that happen throughout the year. Delgado, who is famous for hit songs like “Autumn Leaves” and “Somewhere in My Memory,” gets ideas for this song from the smooth, rhythmic patterns of Bossa Nova.

The result is a song that is elegant and feels like a spring breeze. She recorded the sound of a small upright piano in her home studio, which gives the piece a very personal touch.

Akashic Records produced the album, which has an intense soundscape that makes fans feel like they are sitting next to Delgado during a private show. Her use of moody melodies and eerie rhythms brings to life the vivid image of a field full of cherry trees in full bloom, their delicate buds opening into beautiful pink flowers that sway gently in the wind.

People all over the world connect strongly with Delgado‘s nostalgic and often thoughtful singing style, which can be seen in her earlier hits like the moving short film “The Rainy Times Story,” which has over 430k views on YouTube, and her well-received feature on CBC radio.

Her unique ability to mix personal stories with general themes of nature and change has made her a well-known artist in today’s music scene.

Jordana Delgado Celebrates Spring With "The Dancing Pink Flowers"
Jordana Delgado Celebrates Spring With “The Dancing Pink Flowers”

As “The Dancing Pink Flowers” gets ready to be included in the “Seasons” EP, Jordana Delgado builds on her image as a talented songwriter whose music not only makes people laugh but also takes them to the heart of nature’s beauty.

For people who like how music and nature are connected in complex ways, this track and the rest of the EP will be a must-listen.

Delgado expresses her excitement for this release, stating,

“I’m over the moon with this release! This is the only original track in my EP, and I felt free to try something completely different that my audience hasn’t heard me play before. I can’t wait for them to listen to it!”

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