Jessy Gh’s Rebrand To Jessy DeGreat Signals New Aspirations

Jessy DeGreat: Ghanaian Hip-Hop Star Jessy Gh Announces New Stage Name and Rebrand.

Blessnation Music is pleased to announce that its flagship artist, the famous Ghanaian rapper, singer, and songwriter Jessy Honu Edem (previously known as Jessy GH), would now be known as Jessy DeGreat.

Jessy GH has made a name for himself with a unique style, catchy beats, and meaningful lyrics. Hlevi, a neighbourhood of Sogakope in Ghana’s Volta Region, is where he spent his childhood. His contemplative lyricism and distinctive blend of hip-hop and Afrobeat have long affected listeners and allowed him to forge a personal connection with them.

As Jessy DeGreat, he has repeatedly shown his multifaceted skill set and originality. He has always shown a commitment to placing himself in his listeners’ shoes, which allows him to create music that does more than just amuse; it also helps listeners gain an understanding of the environment in which they find themselves. He has always made an effort to consider things from the perspective of his listeners.

Changing your name to Jessy DeGreat isn’t merely a rebranding exercise. This is the start of a new and exciting chapter in the artist’s career, during which they want to achieve even greater success in areas outside of music. As a result of the makeover, the staff at Blessnation Music are certain that Jessy will be able to forge stronger bonds with his fans.

Jessy Gh's Rebrand to Jessy DeGreat Signals New Aspirations
Jessy Gh’s Rebrand to Jessy DeGreat Signals New Aspirations

His old stage name, Jessy GH, may have gotten him noticed, but his new one, Jessy DeGreat, is what’s going to really take him somewhere. The team at the record company would like to use this opportunity, as Jessy goes on to the next phase of his career, to express their gratitude to Jessy’s devoted fans.

If you follow our and Jessy DeGreat’s social media profiles, you’ll be the first to know about any breaking news or planned projects. We can’t wait to tell you about all the exciting things we have in store for the future.

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