Jeristotle Presents New Hip-Hop Tune “They Sold Me On The TV”

Jeristotle has quickly adjusted to the new dimension of hip hop, and his latest single “They Sold Me On The TV” is sufficient proof of his significant evolution in this field.

The new song, “The Birth Of An Artist,” is taken from his debut solo album and was written especially for you. It depicts the artist’s story in a way that will speak to listeners.

The song’s lyrics urge listeners to discover and follow their passions. He also provides insight into his hardships and triumphs, boosting the confidence of those who may be suffering comparable difficulties.

Sincerity is essential for telling a meaningful story, and Jeristotle’s honest account of his experiences heightens the impact of the message and fosters a deeper level of connection with the audience.

His goal is to uplift his audience by emphasizing hope and enthusiasm. The song reminds listeners that following their passions can result in a more contented and meaningful existence, even in the face of difficulties.

“I want to make a difference with my music, to inspire and uplift people. Success, to me, is measured by the positive impact I can have on others rather than the number of streams or the money it generates,” states Jeristotle. “This album is a culmination of my life’s experiences, and I believe it has the power to change lives for the better.” he says.

A well-written rap song with a message that speaks to individuals of all backgrounds can have an impact on culture, and so can a song that encourages finding oneself and following one’s genuine passions.

Listen to the song and follow him on Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok.

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