Its “October 17th” And Trady Just Got Serious

A lot of musicians, mostly rappers, appear all the time, and I can confidently say that not all of them have Trady’s level of elegance. Trady is a rapper from the United Kingdom, specifically Billingham. His lyrical style reminds me of the early days of Eminem, the great slim shady. It’s no surprise that he cited Eminem as an influence, along with Joyner Lucas and Lil Peep.

Its "October 17th" And Trady Just Got Serious
Its “October 17th” And Trady Just Got SeriousIts “October 17th” And Trady Just Got Serious

Trady originally appeared during the pandemic Covid in 2020, eventually releasing his first release after a long period of silence. He has produced a magnificent album titled “October 17th.” The release is based on strong emotions such as rage and provocation. It is a 13-track album, with each track expressing his decisiveness, superb creativity, and strong flow. He had a bad breakup with his ex-girlfriend, so he postponed the album and stopped composing music. Because his buddies encouraged him to finish it, the piece has a little psychotic air to it. @lunko engineered and produced the album.

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