I Nu Returns With A Unique And Mesmerizing Musical Experience

Popular Caledonian band I NU has made a triumphant return with their new album “Ono Roots” (meaning “coconut roots” in the Lifou language).

Marianne and Hnawejë, the duo behind I NU, have been harmonizing together for nearly two decades, creating a musical partnership that’s as strong as their passion for diverse musical styles.

The band thrives on collaboration, both in the studio and during live performances. In the southern hemisphere, Gustave Wayenece plays acoustic bass and contributes backup vocals, while Ala Hukane handles drums, saxophone, and additional vocals.

In the northern hemisphere, Bertrand Lemarchand plays the accordion, Tristan Batard is on drums and percussion, and Christophe Pélissié rounds out the ensemble with slide guitar and banjo.

I Nu Returns With A Unique And Mesmerizing Musical Experience
I Nu Returns With A Unique And Mesmerizing Musical Experience

While the traditional folk music of the Loyalty Islands (Kanak music from Lifou) occasionally echoes in the background, I NU primarily explores various musical genres such as bossa nova, blues, reggae, and more.

Their curiosity leads them to experiment with styles like Reunionese maloya and Brazilian bossa nova, broadening their musical horizons.

Their first EP, “T’es Qui Toi,” transports listeners to a fantastical, lyrical, and organic musical realm. Having already won three Flèches de la Musique awards and frequently featured on Oceanian radio and television, Hnaweje and Marianne have chosen to focus on reggae for their latest endeavour.

“Ono Roots” offers a seamless transition from an acoustic, minimalist world to a reggae-influenced album that draws inspiration from New Caledonian folk music and jazz. The record features exceptional guitarist KUBIX (Clinton Fearon, Max Roméo) and Mighty Cricket on vocals, both well-established names in the French and English reggae dub sound system scenes.

Embark on a captivating musical journey with I NU’s “Ono Roots,” an album that effortlessly weaves together diverse genres and cultures to create a one-of-a-kind listening experience.

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