Hughdem Presents A Tribute To DILLA With Brand New Song “My Star”

“My Star” is the name of Hughdem’s new song, a tribute to Dilla, which he released from his home in Hampshire.

This song is a contemporary reinterpretation of a Jaylib hit, reworking the original with new ideas and a different style. Dynamic and captivating, it combines soulful samples with powerful 808s and a danceable rhythm.

The lyrics tell a heartfelt love narrative, evoking the thrill and closeness of a new romance from the initial introduction to the formation of couple routines.

Because of its richness and variety, the production stands out. There are half-time breakdowns that give the song a different pace and more complexity, as well as an outro with thunderous bass that sticks with people.

This song stands out because of the unique way it combines modern production techniques with classic hip-hop elements, paying homage to its origins while still exploring new musical territory.

The powerful lyrics explore a wide range of topics, painting pictures of carefree youth, the energy of city life, and the subtleties of love via anecdotes and first-person accounts.

Through incisive social criticism, the lyrics explore the difficulties of reaching goals and the doggedness required to overcome setbacks. You have no reason not to listen to this!

Listen to the song below and follow him on Instagram.

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