Floyd Miles Returns With A Very Powerful Single ‘Nasty’

Floyd Miles is known for writing insightful lyrics that are anchored in spirituality, relationships, and self-awareness.

Floyd Miles delivers an honest perspective on music as he raises listeners up, educates them, and entertains them with his genre-fusing talent that is free of restrictions.

The singer, songwriter, and producer who is headquartered in Los Angeles have a lot to offer in terms of their versatility as an artist. Floyd was raised in a household with a strong appreciation for music, and his parents showed him the silky sounds of singers like Al Green, Marvin Gaye, and Michael Jackson.

His innate musical talents combined with the fact that his father was a pastor compelled him to assume a variety of leadership responsibilities when he was growing up in the church. He became skilled in the skills of conducting a choir, arranging music, and performing in front of an audience.

He found that he had less of a need to feel linked to the religious teachings as his knowledge of himself got deeper. Instead, he wanted to create from his own experiences.

He paved his own way and studied the music of other musicians, adding to his musical influences, but he gives gratitude to the church for giving him the freedom to study music at such a young age.

Floyd’s family moved many times when he was a kid and adolescent, which is one of the reasons he has spent most of his life on the east coast. This occurred throughout Floyd’s childhood and adolescence.

Floyd continued to develop his musical abilities when they moved to Indiana, and he started by teaching himself how to play the piano in their new home. He expressed his creativity by penning poetry and singing at the local church. The first recording of one of his songs wouldn’t come until he was in his last year of high school.

Floyd maintained his music career after he came to New York, and his sound put him on the way to obtaining multiple significant industry collaborations including Def Jam artist, Dave East. Floyd is now based in New York City.

He was inspired to make his first contribution to the Afrobeats genre, which was titled “Ifemi,” by the way the rhythms of Jazz, Funk, and Soul intersect within the expansive Afrobeats genre. He continued to work in the Afrobeats arena in a manner that was true to who he is and never constrained himself in any way.

Soon after that, he released an album called “Don’t Play,” which highlighted his talent and innate ability to create in an environment that was previously foreign to him.

Floyd Miles has a collection that spans eight years of musical progression, and he makes a conscious effort to create and experiment with a wide variety of sounds that highlight his flexibility, creativity, and self-expression.

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